Contact us in an Emergency

When faced with a veterinary emergency, it is a good idea to telephone ahead to the Pet Emergency Center, with the animal's breed and approximate size, present symptoms and any other health problems. While on the telephone, we suggest you confirm the exact location of the Pet Emergency Center in Mount Vernon.

Pet Emergency Center
14434 Avon Allen Road
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
EMERGENCY TELEPHONE - (360) 848-5911
FAX (360) 848-8416

The Pet Emergency Center (PEC) is solely devoted to providing the highest quality emergency veterinary medical care to the residents of Skagit, Island, Whatcom and Snohomish counties of Washington.  The PEC works in collaboration with your veterinarian to provide the most up-to-date emergency medical care for your pet when your normal veterinarian’s office is closed.

When your pet requires emergency medical care you naturally call your veterinarian, however when he or she is not available the PEC is here to meet your pet’s medical needs.  PEC is an extension of your veterinarian’s practice.  We work closely with your veterinarian, sharing information, as part of a team of professionals to provide your pet with the best possible medical care whenever the need arises.

While our staff normally works with your veterinarian on a referral basis to ensure your pet’s health, walk-ins are welcome.

Dedicated and highly trained veterinarians and veterinary nurses staff our state-of-the-art facility for the emergency medical needs of your pet.  Our staff is dedicated to the caring, compassionate, and quality medical attention your pet deserves.  The PEC is equipped with the latest in diagnostic and monitoring equipment to ensure the most rapid diagnosis and treatment of your pet’s condition.

Our goal is to provide the best possible emergency care for your pet in the evening, weekend, and holiday hours when your regular veterinarian is closed. When your pet is released, you will be referred back to your regular hospital, and your personal veterinarian will receive a complete update of all treatments given.

We understand how concerned you are about your pet’s well-being. At the Pet Emergency Center your pet will be cared for by licensed veterinarians who are trained and experienced in emergency medicine, and a support staff highly trained in all phases of emergency care. When your pet arrives at our clinic, one of our staff members will triage your pet to determine the immediate medical urgency of his or her condition, and the most critical patients will be seen first.

Did you know that we will take care of your pets after surgery or critical patients overnight with the catheters and fluids your veterinarian provides, and send them back to your regular veterinarian in the morning? Most veterinary hospitals or clinics do not have staff continuously on site at night or on weekends or holidays. If your pet is in serious condition no one is there to closely monitor your pets condition. At the Pet Emergency Center we have an Emergency Veterinarian as well as licensed technicians and staff on the premises monitoring all patients regularly all night and on every weekend and holiday.

Veterinarian ON SITE

We are the only pet emergency center in all of Skagit County with veterinarians and staff on site all night and all weekend—even on holidays.

Our Hours:
Monday - Friday
5:30 pm till 8:00 am

Saturday & Sunday
All major holidays
24 hours a day.

You can rest assured that our vets will not only be there, but they will stay with your pet through the night. When your pet is in distress and you want the best critical care possible.